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I recently read part of a keynote address given by Professor Irwin Cotler, on January 29th, at the Holocaust commemoration held at the Salle des Assemblees of the European Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. Professor Cotler stated that the Holocaust was “uniquely evil in its genocidal singularity…”, and Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel observed, “not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims”. As I read the address by Professor Cotler, I could not escape the similarities between the Holocaust about which he spoke, and the holocaust that is taking place, daily, right here in the United States. It should be clearly understood by the reader, that it is not my intention to diminish, in any way, the reporting of the ferocity and tragedy of the Holocaust, and the Holocaust Remembrance addressed by Professor Cotler. Rather, this essay should be seen as an attempt to trace a parallel between two great evils. Professor Cotler provided six lessons to be learned to avoid another Holocaust similar to that of WWII:

Lesson 1: The Importance of Holocaust Remembrance

Lesson 2: The Danger of State-Sanctioned Incitement to Hatred and Genocide – The Responsibility to Prevent

Lesson 3: The Danger of Silence, the Consequences of Indifference – The Duty to Protect

Lesson 4: Combating Mass Atrocity and the Culture of Impunity – The Responsibility to Bring War Criminals to Justice

Lesson 5: The Responsibility to Talk Truth to Power

Lesson 6: The Vulnerability of the Powerless – The Protection of the Vulnerable as the Test of a Just Society.

Similar to the belief of Professor Cotler, I believe that there are six lessons that must be learned if we are to end the “abortion holocaust”, and prevent the other evils now lurking about to find a place in our society, of which some are already identified as being assisted suicide, euthanasia, and cloning. I used Professor Cotler’s Lessons as a template to provide Lessons on recognizing and ending the “abortion holocaust”.


Lesson 1: The Importance of Remembering That Abortion is a Holocaust

In the United States, since the Roe v. Wade decision by the US Supreme Court, over 40 million babies have been terminated, both inside and outside the womb. Justification for this abomination has been provided in a political slogan, “A woman’s right to choose”. Legally, the abomination started and continues on the basis of a “right to privacy”. Lacking from both the legal basis and the political slogan is the fact that with each termination, a person, an identity is lost. As Professor Cotler states, “For unto each person there is a name – unto each person, there is an identity. Each person is a universe. As our sages tell us: ‘whosoever saves a single life, it is as if he or she has saved an entire universe.’” As human beings, we have an “abiding imperative” that each of us is a guarantor of each others destiny. Failure to recognize the “abortion holocaust” is a failure to guarantee the destiny of our children.

Lesson 2: The Danger of State Sanctioned Murder – The Responsibility to Prevent

Most people do not want to address abortion as murder. We do not prosecute the abortionist, or those who assist in the abortion, and many still believe that a life is not forfeit. The definition of “murder” in The American Heritage Dictionary, in its initial definition, uses the word “unlawful”, so the application of this definition is not valid, because abortion is sanctioned by the state, and is therefore not unlawful. We have already learned that a life is involved, because from the first moment of conception, we have a human being identified by its “human genetic material”, and by its scientific description as a “self developing entity”. Once this concept of life is grasped, and applied to the termination of life in the womb, it is difficult to avoid the concept of “murder”. However, the concept of “murder” does not have to be avoided, because the dictionary cited above carries another definition of “murder”: “To kill brutally or inhumanly”. Newscasts over the last two or three years have reported court decisions which confirmed the testimony of physicians who testified that babies, during the abortion process, feel pain. Some states have passed, or are in the process

of passing, legislation which would require anesthesia application to the baby, prior to the abortion. Is the dismemberment of the baby in the womb brutal? Is the extraction of a child from a womb so that a forceps can plunge through the skull to allow brain removal inhumane? I leave the answer to the reader.

I believe that abortion is state sponsored murder, parallel to what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. Under the definition of “murder”, as we previously cited, the imprisonment and extermination of the Jews, in Germany, was not “murder”, because it was not unlawful. And so it is with state sponsored murder: murder is not murder. How are you contributing to this state sponsorship. Are you supporting legislators who support abortion? Are you “neutral”?

Lesson 3: The Danger of Silence, the Consequences of Indifference – The Duty to Protect

Where do you stand in a society that allows the destruction of life in a womb? Do you join those who march in protest? Do you pray for the aborted children and their mothers? Do you see the “gathering storm” of assisted suicide, euthanasia, cloning, embryonic stem cell research, reduction of the family to an option? Or are you indifferent? No one today can say they do not know, they can only say they will act, or they will not act. As Edmund Burke stated, “the surest way to ensure that evil will triumph in the world is for good people to do nothing”, and Professor Cotler reminds us, that “Indifference and inaction always mean coming down on the side of the victimizer, never on the side of the victim. Let there be no mistake about it – indifference in the face of evil is acquiescence with evil itself – it is complicity with evil.”

Lesson 4: Combating the Forces Working for a Culture of Death – Public Responsibility

Many, if not all, of the organizations perpetrating and supporting abortion receive funds from federal, state and municipal governments. They also receive funds from corporations, small businesses, professionals, and individuals. It is your responsibility to insure that your money is not used to support abortion. Support legislators

who want to shut off government funding of abortion providers and supporters. If you learn that a corporation, small business, or professional, donates to, or supports an abortion provider, write or speak to them regarding your displeasure. If they fail to act, strongly consider a change in your business relationship. It is up to each individual to be personally responsible to see to it, that their business contacts do not participate in the abortion atrocity with impunity.

Lesson 5: The Responsibility to Talk Truth to Power

It is difficult for me to understand, without doing the enormous social and legal research necessary, as to how the United States of America could become a nation where children have become expendable, due to a host of reasons which have nothing to do with either the health or liberty of its citizens: In a country where most people believe in their responsibility toward a higher power, and love of neighbor. Professor Cotler makes reference to an author who wrote that the Holocaust was made possible by the “bureaucratization of genocide” and “the complicity of the elites”. While we are not writing about the “bureaucratization of genocide”, we are writing about the “abortion holocaust”. That holocaust was made possible, and is being maintained, by “the complicity of elites”, among whom are legislators, both state and federal, judges, educators, lawyers, corporations, and entertainers. “As Elie Wiesel put it, ‘Cold-blooded murder and culture did not exclude each other. If the Holocaust proved anything, it is that a person can both love poems and kill children”.

We have to make it our responsibility to end the “abortion holocaust”. In order to do that we will have to speak truth to power. We will have to let those elites complicit in the supporting and maintaining of the “abortion holocaust”, that what they are doing is unacceptable to humanity. We can do that by writing letters, speaking out, and voting with a conscience.

Lesson 6: The Vulnerability of the Powerless – The Protection of the Vulnerable as the Test of a Just Society

If I may paraphrase Professor Cotler, the “abortion holocaust” is not only occurring because of the vulnerability of the powerless, but because the powerless are vulnerable. It is our responsibility to work for the powerless. To fail to do that is to insure that we do not have a just society, and that as time goes on, the injustice will become worse.

In Life,

Anthony and Annette Marino



The title of this essay seems to state an obvious fact, but there is a debate taking place in the United States, and perhaps in the world, which on one side states that an embryo is not a person. I recently read an article titled Embryonic Debate, by Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefson, which is a reply to a New York Times Book Review of their book, Embryo: A Defense of Human Life. Professor George is the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, and is a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics. Professor Tollefson is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

The article states as a matter of scientific fact, that the human embryo is a developing human being, at the earliest stage of human development. The opposing argument is that embryos are not determinate individuals, and there is even some doubt that embryos are organisms at all. This opposing argument is without any scientific basis. Modern embryology and human developmental biology has established that human embryos are not mere parts of some other organism, rather they are determinate individuals. They are organisms that endure throughout the developmental process, both during the gestation period, and after birth. All adult human beings are the same beings that they were at an earlier stage of life. In looking backward we know that the adult was an adolescent, a child, an infant, a fetus and an embryo. The human organism formed with the joining of the ovum and sperm cell is a new whole living organism, which never is, or was part of the maternal organism, and nothing acts on the embryo in such a way as to produce a new character, or new direction of growth. The developing organism does not transform from one entity to another. “The entity is a human and once the entity comes into existence it remains until death, a complete, self integrating determinate human organism – a human being.”

If a human embryo is something other than a human being what could it be? Those who deny the humanity of the embryo argue that the mother and the embryo, taken together, form a single biological unit. This argument is bargain basement science. Human embryologists focusing on the life of a developing human being have, from their work, understood when the life of a human begins. It begins at conception, at the joining of the sperm cell and ovum.

There are other arguments against the humanity of the embryo: Those who deny humanity point to twinning. According to statistics, in one out of every three hundred cases, the human embryo splits into two or more people. The argument is that if the embryo splits into two beings, the original embryo was not a determinate individual. What the argument overlooks is the fact that at fertilization a new and complete organism came into existence. Whether
twinning occurs as a splitting or budding does nothing to demonstrate that the original embryo was not a determinate, individual human organism.

Another argument that the embryo is not an individual is that because the embryo becomes two distinct parts, the embryo and the placenta, and the placenta is eventually discarded, this means that the embryo was not an individual. The fallacy of this argument is that organisms do have parts, and these parts may be subordinated to the needs of the organism. The placenta is bound by “narrow temporal conditions” and like baby teeth will be discarded in time.

Lastly, the argument is made, that calls into question the distinction between embryos and gametes, i.e. ovum and sperm cells. The argument points to 70 vertebrate species where unfertilized eggs develop into “offspring”. The fallacy in this argument is apparent: the seventy species do not include human beings, and it still remains true, even for these seventy species, that no organism was ever a sperm or ovum.

In our Catholic belief, supported by science, life begins at conception, and a person is always a person. Pray to end abortion, and the science that destroys life.


Anthony and Annette Marino


De-Funding of Planned Parenthood:

Dear Friends of the Unborn,

In a 3 to 2 vote, of the New Hampshire Governor's Council, Planned Parenthood was stripped of their state funding.
It is believed that this item may be brought back and voted on again because Planned Parenthood will not sit idly by and let money be taken from them, so the only way to combat this is to let our voices be heard. Please take the time to call or e mail the Governor's Councilors. I say 'councilors', because we should let each one know how we feel about their specific vote.  Raymond S. Burton  and Christopher T. Sununu voted to keep the funding going to Planned Parenthood, please, please, please call them and tell them you are disappointed in their vote.   David Wheeler, Daniel St. Hilaire and Raymond Wieczorek  voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Please, please, please thank them for doing the right thing and if it does come up again to vote the same way.

Look for your town in the following and please, please, please call or e mail your councilor to either thank or let them know you are not happy with their vote. Then please call the others. Please send this to every pro life person you know.

Thanks, Joan E.
Raymond S. Burton
[email protected]   747-3662
Represents all the towns and cities in Coos and Grafton Counties, as well as the cities and towns of: Albany, Alton, Bartlett, Belmont, Center Harbor, Charlestown, Chatham, Claremont, Conway, Cornish, Croydon, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Gilford, Grantham, Hale's Location (unincorporated), Hart's Location, Jackson, Laconia, Madison, Meredith, Moultonborough, New Hampton, Newport, Ossipee, Plainfield, Sanbornton, Sandwich, Springfield, Sunapee, Tamworth, Tilton, Tuftonboro,Wakefield and Wolfeboro
Daniel St. Hilaire  
[email protected]   568-5515
Represents the cities and towns of Acworth, Allenstown, Alstead, Andover, Antrim, Barnstead, Bennington, Boscawen, Bow, Bradford, Bookfield, Canterbury, Chesterfield, Chichester, Concord, Danbury, Deerfield, Deering, Dublin, Epsom,  Farmington, Francestown, Franklin, Gilmanton, Gilsum, Goshen, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Henniker, Hill, Hillsborough, Hopkinton, Langdon, Lempster, Loudon, Marlborough, Marlow, Miiddleton, Milton, Nelson, New Durham, Newbury, New London, Northfield, Northwood, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Rollinsford, Rochester, Roxbury, Salisbury, Somersworth, Stoddard, Strafford, Sullivan, Surry, Sutton, Unity, Walpole, Warner, Washington, Weare, Webster, Westmoreland, Wilmot and Windsor.
Christopher T. Sununu   
[email protected]  658-1187
Represents Atkinson, Barrington, Brentwood, Chester, Danville, Dover, Durham, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Greenland, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, Lee, Madbury, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Newton, North Hampton, Nottingham, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Rye, Salem, Sandown, Seabrook, South Hampton, Stratham, and Windham.
Raymond Wieczorek 
[email protected]   345-0304
Represents  Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Derry, Hooksett, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Pelham, and Raymond.
David Wheeler 
[email protected]
Represents the cities and towns of Amherst, Brookline, Dunbarton, Fitzwilliam, Goffstown, Greenville, Hinsdale, Hollis, Jaffrey, Keene, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, New Boston, New Ipswich, Peterborough, Richmond, Rindge, Sharon, Swanzey, Temple, Troy, Wilton, and Winchester.
Pray for the Grace of God to help us sustain this vote.

Washington D.C. March for Life 2011

Take the time to visit our Programming/Links section (Pro-life Programmings) to review some of the latest news from Brother Knight Jim Preisendorfer and his wife Pat and their news on their first hand account of the 2011 March for Life in Washington, DC



Washington, DC March for Life 2011

These are pics from this year's March For Life in DC. (posted in our photo section)

Sunday night Pat and I attended Mass at the Basilica of The National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception and what a sight to see the hundreds of priests (Fr. Jason Jalbert) Bishops (Bishop McCormack), Cardinals (Cardinal O'Maley) and Seminarians (Jeff Paviglio) from all over the US processing through the Basilica.

The next day we heard awesome speeches from Pro Life supporters of Congress and the Senate including NH Rep. Frank Guinta. The weather was a little cool but but The Lord had the sun shine on us all day. 

We marched from The Mall to The US Supreme Court Building with Fr. Vaughn from Epping and close to 1/2 million pro lifers. 

This was my sixth march and Pat's third. It always amazes me to turn around half way up the hill, on the way to The Supreme Court, look back and see a sea of thousands of marchers and look up the hill and again see another sea of thousands of marchers.

After The March For Life Rep. Frank Guinta met with our NH representatives on the Capital Steps. We were all then invited to meet with him after-wards
at his office but Pat and I opted to meet with him Wednesday. We discussed pro life issues and he informed us that his entire staff both in Washington and in Manchester are pro life.

Pat and I pray next year that other Knights and their wives join us in DC to show our support for LIFE.

God Bless,


Jim Preisendorfer

April Social for CareNet Center in Concord:

Our Monthly social for April will be held in honor and in support of CareNet Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord.

While the CareNet social is usually held during the month of May, Kathleen Moloway will be volunteering out of the Country with orphanages that the Concord Center works with.

The social and benefit will began with social hour at 6pm, with the dinner kicking off at 7pm.

The meal is $7 per person and all who attended, are asked to bring any one of a few much needed items for the Center. As of right now, the Center is in need of any size on packages of diapers, and could also use baby strollers.

Please pass the word quickly, that this is an all important dinner and event, and all are invited to attend and give their support to the Center.

Guests are asked to bring a dessert to share after the meal, which will be pot-luck. A 50 / 50 Raffle will also held the night of this event, with the profits to go to the CareNet Center.

"Pay attention to pro-life cause"

Here is a very well-expressed letter to the Monitor Editor from our Recorder, PGK Jim Preisendorfer, who, with his wife Pat, attended the March in Concord and the March in Washington:
Pay attention to pro-life cause
Jim Preisendorfer, Concord

For the Monitor

January 29, 2010


What does it take for the Concord Monitor to publish major news regarding the pro-life movement?

If this was a protest march against the war or taxes, you would have given it front-page play. Just as you did not print one single line regarding the pro-life march in Concord on Jan. 16 attended by more than 500 people, you saw fit not to print a single word regarding the pro-life march in Washington on Jan. 21, which drew more than 200,000 people from all over the world, including China.

A more conservative newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, printed articles on both marches. At the pro-life rally on the Mall, prior to the march, several politicians spoke. One was the former presidential candidate, Sen. Sam Brownback, a Republican from Kansas. Regarding ObamaCare, Brownback stated, "You helped change minds in this country. They're not going to have abortion funding in the health care bill because of your interest in it. We are going to win this fight."


Catholic Bishop's Take Stand:

Attached is a copy of the insert which summarizes the pro-life stand which the US Council of Catholic Bishops is emphasizing as the final bill is being negotiated. There are a few Pro-Life Democrat Representatives who hold the key to passage of the Rep. Bart Stupak (D - Mich)amendment. Among the critical pro-life Democrats facing pressure to support a bill with abortion funding are Pennsylvania Reps. Jason Altmire, Kathy Dahlkemper, Mike Doyle and John Murtha; Ohio Reps. Tim Ryan, John Boccieri, Steve Driehaus, Marcy Kaptur, Zack Space and Charlie Wilson; and Indiana Reps. Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth and Baron Hill.
Please read the bulletin insert and take action to support the representatives who will vote pro-life.

Requests Made For Pro-life License Plates

Posted from AOL News:

Anti-Abortion Activists Want License Plate Rights

Tempers Flare Over Polarizing Free-Speech Issue

Vanity plates -- those alphanumeric jumbles that provide windows into a driver's soul, from "QT PIE" to "NYCEHUH" -- are huge financial bonanzas for states. With more than nine million of them in circulation and registration and renewal fees ranging from $20 to more than $100, some states can rely on yearly revenue beyond seven figures.

Vanity plates are personalized and highly personal -- everyone knows that the message is the driver's alone. If you're tooling through St. Louis and end up behind a car with a plate that reads "BCK OFF," you don't assume that the sentiment is endorsed or supported by anyone at the DMV or the Missouri government.  Still, governments have rules about what is and isn't allowed on a plate. A Colorado woman so fond of bean curd that she applied for "ILVTOFU" was declined on the grounds that it could be misread. A librarian in Nevada named Stacy who had the vanity plate "XSTACY" for more than two decades was shocked when Nevada said she couldn't renew it: the state felt that the plate was now more synonymous with the drug than the woman, and illegal references are strictly banned.

You Can't Show Your Support Here

New Jersey
New York
In the above states, drivers currently can't show their support (either for or against abortion) according to state laws.

Special interest license plates, or specialty plates, that endorse a specific charitable cause such as California's Coastal Commission plates or Ohio's Pet License plates, present more difficult issues. They often bring in even more money than vanity plates, since the specialty plate fee is assessed on top the vanity plate surcharge. Florida introduced the first vanity plate after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. Twenty-one years later, in fiscal 2007, the Sunshine State booked $33.5 million in revenues from its 113 specialty plates alone.

In most cases more than half of the fee for a specialty plate, and sometimes almost all of the fee, actually goes to the charitable organization responsible for the creation of the plate. The state then keeps a small percentage for manufacturing and administration.

But the arrival of the Choose Life specialty plate -- another Florida creation -- and the lawsuits that have followed it around the country, have kept many judges in many courts busy trying to decide between the First Amendment and states' rights. The question is, is a specialty plate a matter of free speech, and if so, whose? The individual's, or the state's?

The Choose Life plate was made available to Florida drivers in 2000, after a four year legislative and judicial fight, and in 2007 it was the 8th most popular plate offered. The organization behind it, Choose Life, Inc., has been fighting to get the plate approved in every united state. The court battles that it has been waging for years and increasingly winning usually pit it against the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. According to Choose Life, Inc. as of July 1, 22 states have Choose Life license plates, three states have approved them but they aren't yet available, 13 states are working on it, there are lawsuits in three other states, and in 9 states there is no work being done on the issue. Yet.

Choose Life plate

An example of a pro-life license plate, for the state of Florida, supported by Choose Life, Inc.. Debates rage across the nation as to the legality of such plates.

At its most basic, Choose Life, Inc. is a non-profit. As far as the license plate is concerned, though, the charity wants to provide money for crisis pregnancy centers that will provide counseling and avenues for adoption for expectant mothers. Of the $22 paid to renew the plate, $20 goes to organizations supported by Choose Life, Inc. and the plate's success has brought in more than $6 million. What has brought on the lawsuits is that Choose Life, Inc. only supports organizations that do not perform, nor refer, nor counsel on abortions, and the Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have taken issue with that, claiming that any state that issues the Choose Life plate is endorsing one side of a debate -- the anti-abortion side.

The argument being used to counter that is that the Choose Life plate is a matter of free speech -- no one is compelled to buy and display the plate. As such, states aren't at liberty to curtail it, and Planned Parenthood is free to get a Choose Choice plate approved. The Supreme Court has declined to hear any of the cases and create a federal standard, so states are left to decide on their own and that has created a mix of approvals, rejections, and ongoing court hearings. Hawaii does have a Respect Choice license plate, but uptake has been so low that it's in danger of being rescinded. Tennessee, on the other hand, rejected the Choose Choice license plate, and that decision was upheld by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The question is really whether this is about the First Amendment and free speech, or a religious and political debate. Choose Life, Inc. and its supporters have undeniably polarizing stance.

"We are free to speak," said Elizabeth Rex, president of the New York-based Children First Foundation, "whether what we say is controversial or not." But that isn't true when it comes to license plates. When the Knights of Columbus wanted a specialty plate in Arkansas, they were turned down because the state was afraid the KKK would want one as well. A Christian school official in Vermont wanted the vanity plate "ROMANS5" and was turned down. When Colorado added another surcharge to the cost of its Breast Cancer Awareness specialty plate, the organization that got the plate approved had it pulled from circulation.

Clearly, license plates are not uncensored forums.

Nevertheless, Choose Life, Inc. is by no means the only religious-affiliated plate available. Florida has a Family Values plate that supports the Sheridan House Family Ministries, a thoroughly religious organization. Ohio has a One Nation Under God plate supported by a charity focused on keeping God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Pennsylvania has a Knights of Columbus plate -- those same knights that were rejected in Arkansas. And there are many, many more.

The result is that the debate remains muddled enough to give both sides, Choose Life, Inc. and Planned Parenthood, enough legal room to pose credible court cases until the Supreme Court decides to weigh in.

The best solution for both sides in the interim could be the one that's been around even longer than license plates: bumper stickers. They don't have the gravitas of license plates but you can make up for that with sheer volume, they can say anything you want, and they come in every color imaginable.

Good luck getting them off your car, though.

Knights of Columbus, Defenders of Life